It’s my birthday, another “first”

My birthday is February 2nd (today!).  It’s fun having it on Groundhog’s Day.  Most people remember it, and it’s a quirky holiday.  I joke about seeing my shadow and just enjoy it.

Birthdays have always been special, but this year it’s also bittersweet. This is my first birthday without my Mom (at least in person).  I have many wonderful memories of her, of us, and of traditions she created.  One tradition was calling the day (or two) before my birthday and singing, “Happy birthday to you, tomorrow!”   Sometimes she surprised me a day or two earlier, but I looked forward to that phone call.  There were years she’d call a few times throughout the day and sing just because she could.

It saddens me that my phone isn’t ringing with her on the line.  I miss her a lot, especially with these “firsts.”  My “little man” and I got to have breakfast with my Dad yesterday, and he kept up the tradition — sweet Daddy.

Now it’s time to plan a small celebration (as in, out for a meal) since this writer isn’t cooking on her birthday.  Oh, and for those who may be wondering:  Yes, I saw my shadow.  It’s a beautiful, sunny morning in Georgia. 😉


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