30 Dinner Ideas, a List

What’s for dinner?  That’s a daily question, and there are many ways to easily address it.  The simplest is to plan ahead.  Whether writing a weekly or monthly menu, once the decision is made, it’s much easier.  If you’re not that much of a planner or what you chose doesn’t appeal at all (I have my moments!), then one piece of advice I read that resonated in me is this: Always know what’s for dinner by 10AM.  The stress is gone.  Your mind is free for everything else that day.

Here are a list of meal ideas in no particular order.  It’s something to refer to as needed when your brain is drawing a blank, and someone else can do the thinking for you. 🙂

1. Chicken or Steak fried rice

2. Tacos (beef, chicken, or fish) and beans with toppings

3. Baked chicken with garlic butter, rice, and green peas

4. Spaghetti (slow cook that sauce, Yum!)

5. Cheeseburgers

6. Chili (regular or White Chicken) (slow cooker)

7. Taco Soup with tortilla chips for scooping (slow cooker)

8. Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli

9. Beef stew

10. Broiled, baked, or grilled fish

11. Quiche & fruit

12. Scrambled eggs and all the fixin’s

13. Pancakes or French toast with sides

14. Grilled chicken Caesar salad

15. Beef & vegetable soup with cornbread (slow cooker)

16. Cheddar chicken and broccoli

17. Sour cream chicken, green peas, and corn on the cob

18. Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, and green beans

19. Chicken, Broccoli, and Pasta Bake

20. Red beans & rice (slow cooker)

21. French Dip sandwiches (slow cooker)

22. Fish tacos with Spanish rice

23. Broccoli Beef & Rice (slow cooker)

24. Tomato soup and Grilled cheese sandwiches

25. Chicken and pasta marinara

26. Pizza (make your own)

27. Honey Sesame Chicken with rice and broccoli (slow cooker)

28. Beef or Chicken and vegetable stir-fry

29. Sandwiches (BLT, deli, fried egg, pb&j)

30. BBQ chicken or pork (slow cooker)

What would you add to this list?


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