Thoughts of My Mom

I saw a contest for Mother’s Day that asked you to submit something you remember your mom always saying or telling you. I thought about it and was saddened to realize that I have nothing. I remember Mom’s endearments, but she didn’t have something she said very often. A year after her passing was not the time to realize this.

However, a day or two later I realized that while I don’t have her words, I do have her actions. She embodied the idea that actions speak louder than words.  She taught by example in how she lived. She was comfortable with herself, which allowed others to be comfortable themselves. She was kind, loving, and patient, very patient. She was a benevolent dictator in how she mothered me. 🙂  And while she taught me more than I can say, I’m especially grateful that she taught me how to love, how to be a lady, and how to be a great mom.

Even though I wish I had some thought or platitude of hers to hold, I’m grateful for my memories of her and of us as a guide for how to live and love.


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