Pasta with Sautéed Chicken and Tomatoes

This is yummy.

web_chicken pasta plate

I had a couple of chicken breast fillets thawed and didn’t know what to prepare. After searching my Pinterest “Chicken Recipes” board, I found this. It took about half an hour to create, and I plan to add it to my list of dishes to re-create.   For the original recipe click here.

You need:


Chicken, diced then seasoned and cooked with oregano, salt, and pepper

Garlic, chopped or minced

Olive oil

Cherry tomatoes, halved

Fresh basil and grated Parmesan cheese for garnish at the end

What to do:

Prepare the chicken in a skillet.  Cook the pasta in salted water.  Put the chicken aside and use the skillet to cook the garlic and tomatoes.

web_sauteed tomatoes

Drain the pasta and add to skillet.  Add chicken to the mixture.  Toss well and serve.  Top with basil and cheese.

web_chicken pasta in pan

A few changes I made were: minced garlic from the jar since I didn’t have fresh here, using Campari tomatoes that I quartered, adding pasta water to the tomatoes while pasta cooked, coconut oil instead of EVOO, and adding dried basil to the tomatoes since I didn’t have fresh here.

I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


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