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A Positive Approach to Resolutions

Seriously? Is tomorrow (today for some of you) really the first day of 2014? I still feel like Christmas should be next week.

Do you create resolutions for the new year?  I know many who do, and they often look like this:
-I will lose 10 pounds.
-I won’t spend as much money.
-I’ll meet THE one.
-I’ll take a vacation.
-I’ll only eat healthy foods and work out every day.


I like the idea of a “new start,” but often this push towards a new beginning and opportunity to change and improve leads to negativity, especially when those resolutions are forgotten three weeks later. Instead of thinking about what you don’t like in yourself, why not focus on how fabulous each of us is? There’s always room for improvement, but we could choose to embrace the goodness. We could appreciate our abilities, experiences, talents, and things that make us special. Anticipating the future with a bright outlook, not one shadowed with beating ourselves up about our perceived failures, sounds more enjoyable and doable.

In that vein, I found this printable to share with you. Click here for the original post from A Mom with a Lesson Plan.

A new New Year's Resolution Printable

I hope you have a fun-filled, happy, and loving 2014.  Thank you for reading Tidbits! 🙂


Book Review ~ Genesis Revisited – the Creation  Donald Arlo Jennings, PhD, writes Genesis Revisited – The Creation

The description of this book is simple: “This book will open your mind to all God created, not just of this world as we know it, but for all the worlds, planets, universes and galaxies that exist in the vastness of space.”

This premise intrigued me, and I looked forward to reading it.  It’s an interesting idea to consider whether God created other planets in other galaxies that would have living beings and maybe a similar Genesis experience to that on Earth.  Why not request it and consider another perspective?

Jennings considers himself a Christian and presents his matter as such. He offers his ideas, quotes the Bible, and summarizes his thoughts to unify his premise.

Unfortunately, this book needed a lot of editing before it was published.  I scanned through much of it to actually get to the main ideas of the chapters. Jennings’ conversational style does not translate well to the written word.  He often begins paragraphs with, “I wonder if, let me summarize, this causes me to wonder, I digress here, many will disagree with me” et cetera.  Reading this novel was a lesson in frustration, but with proper editing could be more engaging.

2 out of 5 stars

Full disclosure: I was given a free ebook copy of this book by in exchange for my honest review.

Dear Mom, Thank you for ___, Part 1

mom and hearts

As many of you know, my dear, sweet, cute little mama passed on in April 2012. She was my best friend, and I miss her every day.  Being in the middle of the holidays is especially difficult as Christmas was her favorite time of year. The missing is getting easier in that it’s not constantly raw, but sometimes the reality of my “new normal” slaps me in the face.  I took some time the other evening and wrote a list of memories and things she did for which I am thankful. Here is part of the list in no particular order.

Thank you, Mom, for:

  • loving me
  • mothering me
  • choosing to be a homemaker
  • letting me be myself
  • encouraging me
  • believing in me
  • trusting me
  • being my best friend, especially as an adult
  • telling me “no”
  • letting me share your bed when Dad traveled, even though I probably hogged the covers
  • teaching me how to put together jigsaw puzzles
  • teaching me how to play Mah Jongg
  • enjoying margaritas, red wine, and strawberry shortcake
  • being a good cook
  • teaching me to cook
  • showing love
  • believing in the inherent goodness of people
  • praying
  • being patient with me
  • understanding my emotions
  • hugs
  • kisses
  • laughter
  • quiet
  • reading alone and together
  • taking me to piano lessons every week for years and treating me to a Blizzard on the way
  • being happy to hear my voice when I called you

More of this list to come at a later time . . .

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Plot Twist

Plot twist!

I wish I had thought to say this today because a plot twist occurred in my well-planned morning.  It’s not like the day was lost or all-things-horrible occurred, but when you have a toddler, you plan activities accordingly.  I planned to drive us to the mall to exchange shoes I’d ordered for our son and possibly stop by the grocery store for a couple of items, depending on the weather, and return home in time for lunch.  No big deal.  I got his water, a snack, a few toys, my coffee, and we were on our way.

Plot twist.

Five minutes down the road I heard a “thwap, thwap, thwap” that increased and decreased based on how fast I was driving.  Not cool.  The car responded to my driving, and I hadn’t heard a big sound, just the thwaps.  Hmmm. Since we were about to get onto the interstate, and that was a new sound, I pulled into a nearby parking lot to inspect the tire.  I parked, got out, and saw nothing wrong.  I pulled it forward a bit and still saw nothing. Okay, maybe it was my imagination or something strange on the road.  I started to leave the parking lot, and it was still making that noise.  I parked, looked again, and there was a bolt stuck in my tire, flush to the washer, but the bolt head was almost 1/4″ farther out from the tire tread.


(I must give God and our guardian angels credit here since we were on back roads instead of the interstate, my husband wasn’t in a meeting at the time, and we were close to a place to get things fixed.  It wasn’t in my plan, but I am grateful for the circumstances provided.)

I called my hubby because that’s just what I do.  The verdict was to go to Wal-Mart, since it was across the street with a tire center, have them change the tire to the spare (since I don’t do that), and continue to Discount Tire to have them repair the tire under warranty.  That’s what we did.  Two stops and two hours later, we were at the mall.  The toddler behaved wonderfully, thanks to snacks, coloring, and toys.

We’re staying home the rest of the day. 😉