Plot Twist

Plot twist!

I wish I had thought to say this today because a plot twist occurred in my well-planned morning.  It’s not like the day was lost or all-things-horrible occurred, but when you have a toddler, you plan activities accordingly.  I planned to drive us to the mall to exchange shoes I’d ordered for our son and possibly stop by the grocery store for a couple of items, depending on the weather, and return home in time for lunch.  No big deal.  I got his water, a snack, a few toys, my coffee, and we were on our way.

Plot twist.

Five minutes down the road I heard a “thwap, thwap, thwap” that increased and decreased based on how fast I was driving.  Not cool.  The car responded to my driving, and I hadn’t heard a big sound, just the thwaps.  Hmmm. Since we were about to get onto the interstate, and that was a new sound, I pulled into a nearby parking lot to inspect the tire.  I parked, got out, and saw nothing wrong.  I pulled it forward a bit and still saw nothing. Okay, maybe it was my imagination or something strange on the road.  I started to leave the parking lot, and it was still making that noise.  I parked, looked again, and there was a bolt stuck in my tire, flush to the washer, but the bolt head was almost 1/4″ farther out from the tire tread.


(I must give God and our guardian angels credit here since we were on back roads instead of the interstate, my husband wasn’t in a meeting at the time, and we were close to a place to get things fixed.  It wasn’t in my plan, but I am grateful for the circumstances provided.)

I called my hubby because that’s just what I do.  The verdict was to go to Wal-Mart, since it was across the street with a tire center, have them change the tire to the spare (since I don’t do that), and continue to Discount Tire to have them repair the tire under warranty.  That’s what we did.  Two stops and two hours later, we were at the mall.  The toddler behaved wonderfully, thanks to snacks, coloring, and toys.

We’re staying home the rest of the day. 😉