Dear Mom, Thank you for ___, Part 1

mom and hearts

As many of you know, my dear, sweet, cute little mama passed on in April 2012. She was my best friend, and I miss her every day.  Being in the middle of the holidays is especially difficult as Christmas was her favorite time of year. The missing is getting easier in that it’s not constantly raw, but sometimes the reality of my “new normal” slaps me in the face.  I took some time the other evening and wrote a list of memories and things she did for which I am thankful. Here is part of the list in no particular order.

Thank you, Mom, for:

  • loving me
  • mothering me
  • choosing to be a homemaker
  • letting me be myself
  • encouraging me
  • believing in me
  • trusting me
  • being my best friend, especially as an adult
  • telling me “no”
  • letting me share your bed when Dad traveled, even though I probably hogged the covers
  • teaching me how to put together jigsaw puzzles
  • teaching me how to play Mah Jongg
  • enjoying margaritas, red wine, and strawberry shortcake
  • being a good cook
  • teaching me to cook
  • showing love
  • believing in the inherent goodness of people
  • praying
  • being patient with me
  • understanding my emotions
  • hugs
  • kisses
  • laughter
  • quiet
  • reading alone and together
  • taking me to piano lessons every week for years and treating me to a Blizzard on the way
  • being happy to hear my voice when I called you

More of this list to come at a later time . . .

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