Fluttering wings, delicate landings, pretty colors – those are three things that came to mind about butterflies until a year and a half ago. I’ve always liked them, but they’re even more special now.

I started noticing many butterflies around me. It was April, so spring was here, and butterflies were expected. The number of butterflies, how often they arrived, and that they stayed with me (and us) represented something much more: Mom was sending butterflies. She had passed on earlier that month, but she made (and makes) her presence known through butterflies.

There are many stories I could tell, but this one is the most recent.

Two dear friends surprised me this Christmas with unexpected, touching gifts. At different times they presented me with a thoughtful keepsake I never considered looking for and purchasing: a butterfly ornament for our Christmas tree. They are lovely and touching. One is a deep purple, which is my favorite color. The other has many colors, but mainly turquoise, which was Mom’s favorite color. The fact that Christmas was Mom’s favorite holiday adds to the sentiment.

I cannot look at the ornaments without tearing up, but I’m thankful for the ladies who chose to unexpectedly gift me with them.


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