Grief, a thought

Thankfully, I am past the third anniversary of Mom’s passing. I miss her, but the hurt isn’t there as often. In thinking of all who have experienced loss and kept going, I have this thought to share for your consideration:

Grief is a process and quite the equalizer of humanity. Would that we looked beyond the presentation of others to the real person who needs love, true in each of us. — Me

(Her favorite flower)


The Alphabet Game

Having played the Alphabet Game many times with Mom on road trips, this sign brings back memories and makes me wish a few of them had been on the roads we traveled.


The little man and I went to our local craft store to buy some fleece fabric so he would have a new blanket that’s actually long enough for him. He has plenty of blankets, but the two I made for him when he was younger are his favorites. Each has a “perfect” corner or two from the hem I created.  We chose fabric (green with bugs on it), and after washing, trimming, and pinning the material, I went to work sewing the hem. As I sat there using my Mom’s sewing machine, I felt grateful. First, I am grateful that I have a clue about what I’m doing with fabric. Second, I have her sewing machine. Third, she took the time to teach me how to sew. I have no desire to create anything fancy, but I can use a sewing machine for basics. Yes, I am grateful. I miss Mom every day, but experiences like this bring sweet memories.

Now there is a newly-hemmed fleece blanket awaiting the kiddo in the morning. I hope he’ll find a corner or two to be a favorite or at least curl up under it while snuggling the favorite ones. 😉

Two Years

April 8th used to be another day on the calendar to me. It was the day after my Grandma’s birthday, but held no other significance — until two years ago.
In 2012, April 8th was Easter, the day my “Cute Little Mama” moved on Home, and my “new normal” began.
My Dad has a healthy perspective to recognize her passing on Easter and not concern himself as much with the exact date. And, really, what better day than Easter? I agree, but my mind and heart hold 2 days since Easter changes annually.

I will not dwell here today on how much I miss her. Instead, in honoring her memory, I will share Part 2 of my list of things I’m thankful for about my mom. (You can read Part 1 here.)

Dear Mom,

Thank you for:

  • being excited about my surprise visits
  • raising me to help others
  • raising me to notice when others may need help
  • teaching me manners and expecting me to use them
  • teaching by words and example of how to be a lady
  • taking me to the library and encouraging my love of reading
  • attending ceremonies for all the important things and making me feel special for what I earned
  • celebrating my birthday every year…even in my 30s, offering to order pizza
  • being so excited when I told you I was getting married
  • helping me choose my wedding gown
  • taking me to Girl Scouts and helping me earn my badges
  • sewing clothes for me
  • giving me your opinion, upon request, knowing I’d probably choose the opposite
  • letting me go to Grandma’s for 5 summers in a row, across the ocean and then the U.S.A.
  • telling me stories
  • listening
  • being overjoyed of my pregnancy and first holding your grandson
  • thinking of us and buying goodies
  • Christmas traditions
  • telling me you threw Gone with the Wind across the room when you finished it. (That freed me to do the same with a few, too.)

I love you, Mom. ❤