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Mommies Should Be Immune

Germs.  Sickness.  Viruses.   None of those words make me feel happy-go-lucky.  I just want to lock the doors, hibernate, and do shopping as needed and quickly.  No contact with others.  Don’t breathe on me.  If you’re sick, then don’t look my direction (especially towards my toddler) and proceed to hack up a lung.  Really???

I took D to the park a couple of weeks ago.  He hadn’t been out of the neighborhood in a few days, and I thought he would enjoy some outdoor play time, especially on the swings and slides.  It was cool outside with rain imminent, so off we went to play.  There were a few other children there, but we didn’t interact much, except as they tried to run over my little guy.  Everyone just played.  When it started sprinkling, we left.  I wiped off D’s hands, and thought nothing more of it…..until the next morning.  Long story short (and sparing details for all of you), D had contracted a stomach bug that fit the description of norovirus.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I dropped the following night and hubby the next night, almost 24 hours between it taking down each of us.  I have never been that worried, stressed, and miserable as I was during that entire week.

When it comes to illness, mommies should be immune.  After all, we’re the care-givers a majority of the time.  Becoming a mom should grant one’s mind and body an impenetrable, invisible shield so that you don’t have to worry about falling prey to the bug while caring for your little darling and then yourself.

For anyone wondering: Yes, now I will be THAT mom with the Lysol can when we go play again.  Too bad we didn’t go after the rainstorm.